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Complete Process to connect Amazon Alexa Echo to Wifi

Launched in 2014, Amazon Echo and its brain, Alexa, are transforming human interaction with machine. The Artificial Intelligence powered personal digital assistant, Alexa works through a cloud server and is continuously improved to enhance user-experience. Alexa can take many commands and instantly responds to them. It can help you order food, check the weather, schedule a task, put reminders, manage calls and messages and control smart home devices. With new added features, Alexa can also interact with other apps on your device and help you in booking a cab, ordering food or listening to Ted Talks.


Amazon Echo is a powerful cylindrical speaker that comes with 360 degree sound that enables interaction with Alexa. It comes in three different colors- Black, grey and White. There are four buttons on the top- the ‘Action’ button, volume up, volume down and mute. The ring light on top shows different colors while performing different tasks or denoting status of deice. Once the device is setup and connected to WiFi, the light will appear as soon as you say “Alexa”. Choose from various tasks that Alexa is capable of performing and it will give you an instant response.


How to connect Amazon Alexa Echo to WiFi? Here is a look at the steps involved:


  • 1. Download the latest version of Alexa app. It is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, on Apple App Store for iOS devices and on Amazon App store for desktops.
  • 2. Connect your Amazon Echo device into a power source and fire the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • 3.Go to ‘Settings’ tab on the app menu and select ‘Set up a new device’ option. This will show a list of available devices, choose Echo from that list.
  • 4.Press and hold ‘Action’ button on Echo device. Keep the device close for this step. Once the orange ring light appears, the device is ready for WiFi connection.
  • 5. The Alexa app will prompt to connect the app to a custom Amazon wireless network to establish a secure connection with the device. Press ‘Continue’ for the last step to connect Amazon Alexa Echo to WiFi.
  • 6. The app will then show a list of available WiFi networks. Choose your preferred network and the step will be complete. Alexa can only connect to dual-band WiFi networks with a minimum speed of 512kbps. It does not support peer-to-peer networks.

Once the setup is complete, Alexa on Echo is now available for voice interaction and to work with your commands.